Saturday, March 17, 2007

Cinema or Cricket

If both India and Pakistan qualify for the second round and if the current schedule is to be believed, I may have to choose between Sivaji and Cricket. I cannot stay out for a full day in the theatre, considering Ishanvi's needs.
This is what will be running in my mind for the next 4 weeks:
Rajini or Rahul?
Sivaji or Sachin?
Cinema or Cricket?

I think I will settle for the WC game and watch Sivaji in thiruttu DVD.
Even better, if Pak does not qualify for the second round.

Verdict Update: It looks like I was half-correct. Seems like both teams won't make it to Super Eight. I will be whistling thru my ears cheering Super Star.


Anusha Parthasarathy said...

Lets see whether India qualifies for 2nd round, Rajesh Anna :)

Rajesh said...

ennamo po. Thookula thonganum pola irukku?

Anusha Parthasarathy said...

Yeah...Namba dhaan thorthonna Pakistanum sema udhai vaangirkaanga...

2 Matches Odhai...Chancey illai...

Andha vidhathula sandhosham...:)

Anusha Parthasarathy said...

Inime confusion irukkadhu Rajesh Anna...Sivaji paarunga!

Aravind said...

dravid,dhoni veetuku kallu(stones)
inzamam,younis khan veetuku sure rdx than..
orey alpa sandosham pak being ousted than..
ireland spirit on the field as well as the irish supporters ..sooper..
criket , rajni padam ennava irundhalum naama paapom..
talkin abt sivaji ,got this link as a starting of a song from a rajni fanatic.. not that great though..

Rajesh said...

The rapidshare file has been deleted, it seems. I think Inzy will not be bombed, he will be taken as an hostage. Atleast they can say that they did not show up with their best players. We Indians were sure about reaching the finals, if not lifting the cup. I was at the theatre watching the Bong innings. It was really bad. Those fellows were shouting and it was disgrace to any Indian cricket follower. I literally fled after the Tamim six of Zaheer.

ICC will be very disappointed if both India and Pakistan don't qualify. Afterall thats where the money is.