Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Puzzle for a change

Three couples say A-A', B-B' and C-C' are stranded in an island. Luckily for them, there is a boat that can carry them to the other side of the shore. But only two people may travel in the boat at any point of time. All the husbands are "sandhega praanis". They don't trust their wife staying or riding with other men in their absence. How do everyone reach the other side without having to compromise on integrity.

PS: no one knows swimming and there is no long rope to tie to the boat and pull it from the other side. Also no one can think or act like Vijayakanth. The only means of transportation is the boat.

Here is another one that is in Japanese. Figure it out for yourself.


Ajay said...

1st trip: A'-B'
2nd trip: B'-C'
3rd trip: C'-C
Then the men go...

Aravind said...

was thinkin of this answer . its already in here..

Rajesh said...

When C' comes with her husband, the chances of C mating with the other women is high so the other men will object to C leaving with his wife. So wrong answer.

Anusha Parthasarathy said...

S1 - Island S2- Safe Shore

First A and A' will come to S2 and A' gets dropped
Then A takes the boat to S1
and A and B will come to S2 and A gets dropped
Then B takes the boat to S1
and B and B' comes to S2 and B gets dropped
B' takes the boat to S1
and B' and C' takes the boat to S2 and B' gets dropped
C' takes the boat to S1
and finally C and C' take the boat to S2 and both C and C' get dropped.

Anusha Parthasarathy said...
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Rajesh said...

When A and B go to S2.B' will be left with C in S1. Therefore wrong.

Ajay said...

//How do everyone reach the other side without having to compromise on integrity.//
i prob assumed that the only chance would be on a boat and hence this is not compromised, they reach the other side "safe"..

Rajesh said...

It is not that they will do it. But it is more about the trust and lack there of. So there can be no scenario where a girl can stay with another man even if his wife was with him.

Deepa said...

Easy ya irukku romba, give a tuf one.;-)

Rajesh said...

badhil sollitu apparum easy a tuf aa nnu decide pannardhu!

I said...

if u are gonna write sex story, do let me know..

Rajesh said...

this is one, if you mess with the solution.

The Kid said...

idhu romba jimple pa...

Here A',B',C' are maamis and A,B,C are mamas. Left is island and right is safe shore. The people in brackets are crossing in the boat.

Basic requirement is A',B',C' should be with their respective spouses or no other male can be in that shore.

A,A',B,B',C,C' ----()--- 0
A,B,C,C' --->--(A',B')--->-- A',B'
A,B,B',C,C' -----<--(B')--<---- A'
A,B,C --->--(B',C')--->-- A',B',C'
A,A',B,C ---<--(A')---<--- B',C'
A,A' --->-(B,C)-->--- B,B',C,C'
A,A',B,B' ---<--(B,B')--<--C,C'
A',B'--->--(A,B)-->-- A,B,C,C'
A',B'---<---(B')---<--- A,B,C,C'
0--->---(A',B')--->--- A,A',B,B',C,C'

now, what if A' mami and B' mami decide to have an orgy?

Rajesh said...

the answer is correct. kid pesara pechaa idhu. Onnu pera maathu illa pecha maathu.

The Kid said...

Annaa, romba seriya solitael. naan enna panradhu? pinjuliye pazhuthuttaen :(

Deepa said...

seri aduttha puzzle enga?

Ajay said...

Raghupati Sir,
Ulaga koppai enga paaka poreenga..

Rajesh said...

in-laws ooruku poitaanga. full velai veetla.
Ajay, i have a free link that i can watch from office. Funasiannu oru theatrela vera podaraanga. so will be covered. nee enga paaka pora?

Ajay said...

ithu varaikkum some oc link-la thaan..