Friday, March 23, 2007

Wearing Bermudas for the next two days.

Cricket has joined hockey as another sport that Indians used to be good at.
I could have spent all my energy wooing Viswanathan Anand or a Koneru Humpy who seem to be real champions. I remember this chess stud, K. Sasikaran, who was sponsored by my previous employer, DSQ Software for appearing in competitions around India.
If only cricket was a "low key" sport like chess, India would have advanced to the next stage. There is no motivation for them to win. The money comes from elsewhere. They just have to keep their spots in the team, money flows in from all over.

Rahul, go home, ask your mom to hold your cheek and comb your hair.

Sachin , what can I say!

JMM is already demanding Dhoni to give back the land that the Jarkhand govt. gifted to him

Why limit with the coach. Start getting foreign players to play for India. Afterall BCCI is registered in Bermuda (I think).

I still pray for Bermuda to beat Bangladesh and help India reach the second round albeit two points less. Last ditch effort to salvage some pride - I still don't want our zeroes to be killed.


I said...

Remember the Bombay v New Orleans e-mail fwd? God America knows
Indians are not hurt by death or destruction but by Tendulkar and
cricket. So He caused Kullan to score a duck and Indhia to be kicked out of the World Cup. This is India's Katrina.

Lord America is infinitely kinder than I am. I wanted Indhia to lose
to Pakistan in the final by one run and Tendulkar to be given out lbw when he was not actually out.

May be soon, a machine that spits out code will be invented and the source of e-mail fwd nationalism will be wiped out.

Trust in God.

Deepa said...

I cant believe you too joined the hopeless gang who wished for that win.

Rajesh said...

what choice did an Indian have?