Thursday, December 25, 2008

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


In 2004, the DOW was oscillating around 9k and oil was testing $40.
I was a relatively new immigrant on H1B with very little in the bank and struggling to keep my contract job by the month. Here I am, in familiar territory after full five years. Is it your story too?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Diwali Greetings

Happy Diwali to all.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fed Failout

The recent attempt to buy bad mortgages seems a bold move that has rejuvenated the market. While I pray that the American govt. has the capacity to sustain the weight of these mortgages till the housing market turns upward, I am skeptical. I am skeptical as I would be when a stock reverse-splits only to loose all the gains in the ensuing weeks. Atleast it gives a chance to redeem for those who are deep into these financial companies. I hear sell and buy gold.

Disclaimer : I know nothing about finance.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Republican Irony

I think Sarah Palin is a good choice for VP. She can be an understudy to McCain to boost her experience while he is at the helm. Chairman of the House will not be a tough task for her as a day job

Democrats wasted no time to say that experience is no longer an issue in the campaign. However, every time they mention that, Obama's inexperience is dragged to the forefront and invariably his community service record (laughable for a person aiming for the highest office) is brought to his defense. This makes McCain's choice brilliant.

To counter Obama's grand convention, I wish McCain had held his convention at the backyard of a foreclosed house/mansion. That would have been more brilliant.

The irony here is:
Dick Chaney stood against gay rights, his daughter turned out gay.
Sarah Palin advocated abstinence till marriage, her daughter came home pregnant.

But, I am sure Sarah will come out stronger on this issue. For atleast, her daughter did not exercise choice that would have aborted her mom's VP candidature before it began.

The fact that Sarah delivered her son as recently as April 2008, reminds me of an old joke in my family. My aunt came home to my grandmother's place for delivery only to find out that my grandmother had left to her mom's place for her delivery.

Hope Sarah keeps her cool and delivers a great speech at the convention that will clear all doubts and establish her as a deserving VP nominee of the GOP.

I still wish Hillary runs as an independent. But I get Obama took care of her campaign debt in return for the speech that she delivered at the Dem Convention. Bill might have ended up making money at the end of the convention.

Monday, August 11, 2008

DNC ( H )

It is time for the third front in America. Hillary should branch off from the DNC and start her own party. With Obama's popularity plummeting each day, there is no better time for America to look at a third alternative. Who better than Hillary?

Hillary should re-attempt to present her case to the American public on the wake of the John Edwards scandal. Having been a victim of a extra-marital scandal herself, the sympathy of the commoner will be with her. First she should try a coup in the DNC. If unsuccessful, she should extend it beyond the DNC and form a DNC (H). Afterall American politics seems too organized for too long. It is time to shake it up. She will emerge successful, if she can tap in the money from Middle East and corporate America.

Add Indian flavour to American politics. Politics is about plays - support and withdrawal at the right times. This is Hillary's moment. If you want to win, you better play. You will be too old for a maiden presidency next time. Announce before August 15th.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

M & M Test Series

The second test is underway. The good thing is, India is batting first. Atleast the defeat will be narrower than the innings and 239.

Mendis and Murali should return wicketless otherwise India should go forward with Sethu Samuthram Project and kill Srilanka's economy. I can't think of any other counter-attack. Can you?

Dinesh Karthik must be replaced by Parthiv Patel. We should try and save a life where we can.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Talking Points

Perhaps, that is why he was not named Federest.
Yet he demonstrated grace in his loss.
Nadal deserved it afterall.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Roshakara Raina

Dhoni attributed India's loss to Pak in the Kitply Cup final to Raina's slow (relatively) innings without naming names. However Dhoni showed faith by sending him up the other in the subsequent Asia cup matches and boy did Raina respond. I did not watch the game but 202 for 1 of 26 overs is exceptional against Pak.

Raina unakku rosham adhigam da,
adha vida Dhonikku un mela paasam adhigam da.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dasavatharam - Plaster of Paris

The movie had a grand opening and a logical climax. Everything in between seemed to be hurried to accomodate the additional Kamals. Only an egotic guy like Kamal would do ten totally unrelated characters by himself. I wonder how much he got paid for this movie. Somebody tell me, it was not ten times his salary. Or was it eleven times considering that Kamal had penned the script also. Only that explains the budget of 140 crores. Except for the chopper, graphics, makeup and the Bio-technology lab there is not much to spend on. Probably Mallika Sherawat's item number consumed a lion's share.

Why Himesh? Kamal could have corrected himself after watching/listening to the BGM and had Devisri Prasad do the score for the songs too. Mr. Reshamiya was very pedestral. Devisri Prasad was awesome

The movie overall was better than Sivaji. There was a continuity to the story inspite of 10 Kamals. The director made sure that Kamals were not a distraction.

The Rangarajan Nambi character was majestic. I don't know why they showed the 11th century sequence. It had no relation to the story except Govindaraja Perumal and Chidambaram. But that was the bit I enjoyed the most. I almost felt like crying when the idol of Govindaraja Perumal was removed from the oracle and also when Rangarajan Nambi was forced to say the Panchakshara Manthram.

Balaram Naidu character was a combination of good imagination and acting. The dialogues had a lot of humour and Kamal's accent took it one step further.

The Dalit character was played well. Kamal has to do this - as if they don't have enough representation.

The Muslim role was useless. So was Avtar Singh.

The Paati role was good but the make-up made Kamal look very ugly. I think they might have used the same make-up that was applied on Sukanya during the Indian shoot.

The villain and Japanese characters were well disguised. The Japanese, I just couldn't recognise Kamal. Especially the stunts were fantastic.

The lead hero disappointed me with no kissing scene, underwear scene or dance scenes. Asin looked like Kamal's daughter in the movie. I can't imagine him not touching her for the entire movie. It was like eating curd rice without lemon pickle.

Bush Kamal was awesome. He carried the dumb looks well. The voice was okay too.

Overall it was an unnecessary but very good attempt by Kamal. Considering that Amithabh, Rajni, Vijay ... don't take such painstaking efforts for the same results, Kamal stands apart. I enjoyed the movie.

But Kamal is sure to be affected by the Bhramagathi Dhosham for throwing Govindaraja Perumal around like a soccer ball.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Hillary Clinton - Ooru rendu patta koothadikku kondaatam

I am no big fan of Democrats. However, I must say I am impressed by Hillary Clinton by the end of this race for nomination. Barak's inspiring speeches clinched Iowa before the junta realized that it was nothing but hollow rants delivered well. Everybody including yours sincerely thought that this was Hillary's election. Barak Obama managed to sneak through the back door and win Iowa, thanks to the initial hype. Today, if they go back to Iowa, she is sure to win there. With Iowa and NH, Barak would have dropped off. Luck favoured him, when the Clinton-lastname was a baggage to her. She won California, Texas, Florida, Michigan not to mention Ohio, Penn, Masachusettes, NH, NJ and NY. It beats me that these fools would nominate anybody else.

And what's with the media sucking up to Obama in public! It took Fox News to play a balancing act. Everything seems wrong.

Amidst all this chaos, the Republicans have fielded their best guy, in John McCain. With an unquestionable bipartisan record and loads of experience both in military and politics, he stands tall in front of an inexperienced Obama.

I urge Clinton to run as an independent, and hope for doing a Joe Lieberman at the national level. This is the Democrat's year. They are likely to spill it.

Who is better suited than Hillary to make the case for a third party. With more popular votes in her kitty and an anti-incumbancy wave (at party level), this is her best chance to run as an independent. Her voter base is strong - seniors, women and blue collar workers. Waiting for four more years (I am sure McCain will beat Obama) is foolish. There is no point in being loyal to a party that pronounced her dead inspite of her strong showing in every other race. She now knows her friends. It is a great asset. With this loyal base, I hope she considers an independent run.

Either way, hats-off to Hillary for running an exciting and energizing campaign. She proved to everyone that she is a fighter. In the stage of men, she competed hard and emerged victorious in many a bouts. My respect for her only increased manifold.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Queen of Hearts

The sun fades under the pillars of the palace balcony. There is no news from the battlefield yet. The king's walk starts to gain pace and his senior counsel matches every step to step closely behind. Not a word has been spoken for quite a long time. Anxiety in the air.

"Are you thinking what I am thinking, Guruji" asked the king. The Guru, taken aback by the abrupt stop to a rapid walk shivered, "Pardon me, my Lord." He continued, "Yes, yes I am worried about the same thing. Hopefully the messenger brings us some good news otherwise it would not be a bad idea for you to sending the queen to the field before you step in yourself."

"Send the queen before myself! How can I do that, Guruji? That would be unbecoming of a king to send his wife to save the kingdom. Are you doubting my capacity?" rages the king to silence the Guru. They resume their walk with no further conversation.

(Sounds of footsteps)
After saluting the king with the customary praise, the messenger hands over the leaflet to the king. The king hurriedly opens it. "It is from the General", he shouts in excitement. He continues to silently read the entire leaflet much to the curiosity of the Guru.

Guruji comes closer as the king folds the scroll - "The general says things are getting out of control. Our men are fighting bravely but the enemies are aggressing with all their might. They have reached the banks of Tungabadra. If they cross the village we will have to surrender or die. There is no question of surrender.
Tell me Guruji, what can we do to stop the aggressor?"

The Guru hesitantly "Maharaja...". The king angrily intervenes, "You want me to send my beautiful queen whom I married after falling in love, to the battlefield before I myself take up the sword and armour. What do you have against my queen? She has always been respectful to you and admired your spiritual and intellectual depth. Why would you suggest sending her. Or are you doubtful of my ability to defend my kingdom and wife! I am baffled by your suggestion, dear Guru. Please explain your position or you will feel sorry."

Oh!my Maharaja. How can I ever doubt your strength and tact? There is no person in the world to match your valour. Your brother and you together can take on an entire army. However the situation here is different? Your brother has already been killed. The aggressor is ruthless. He is moving inside our territory very quickly. You must be very careful and not allow them to penetrate the three villages that lead to our city. The Maharani is very popular in the villages . Remember when her father was the king, the people from these villages were working closely in the Princess's palace. They will do anything for their Queen. The same is not the case with you. You are pretty new to them. Only the villagemen can slow the enemies down. Our army is strong enough to defeat them if their speed is fluxed. Only the queen can garner this support."

The king ponders for a few seconds and reacts; "What would history say about me Guruji. Here is a king who has all four limbs intact in his body. Yet he sends his wife to defend him. That is the greatest insult that can ever happen to me. I cannot let this happen to myself. I would rather go down valiantly than to hide myself behind my beloved. Afterall, she is my life. she is such a devoted darling. The way she looks after me and our children, her interest in arts and her care for the welfare of my people have all been impeccable. I cannot send her to war and sit at home."
"Then take her with you, my Raja"; quips the Guru.

The king has decided to go alone. The brigade is ready in the morning for him to lead. The valiant king reaches the banks of Tungabadra and fights hard. The enemies are hurt badly but more and more keep coming at the kingsmen. After a long battle for eight days, the king finally succombs to injury and fatigue. A brave fighter he was but he has fallen to the might of the enemy's army. The enemy king runs through the villages and captures the city. The Queen of hearts becomes the new Queen of Spades for her beauty and appreciation for art remains intact.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Short games but long tournament.

Greed on the steering wheel and stupidity as a co-passenger are driving the IPL into a new journey. What started as a pleasant trip is turning into a never-ending journey. A tournament that began with a flourish, completely overshadowing the rival ICL in every way, captivated entire India and much of the cricket following western world. Everyone associated himself with the team of closest proximity to where they hailed from. Not an exception, I was backing Chennai Super Kings, never minding that it was led by MS DHONI and opened with Hayden and Parthiv Patel. For the first times since the radio days, I was supporting the Aussies. It was refreshingly new. Huge totals were put in the first few games, making one feel for the bowlers, do they deserve such a treatment. Nevertheless, it was thorough-bred entertainment from start to finish. Each game was anticipated and followed very closely.

As the tournament progressed and as the Aussies and NZealanders disappeared to show up for their country against WI and England respectively, as the pitch started deteriorating and as bowlers began to understand their role better, totals were falling. The pressure to perform might have been a factor. With a few exceptions, great names with huge price tag looked very ordinary and very inconsistent. It was always beyond me why people pay huge sums for a piece of art only because the artist was popular. It was foolish to me. Now they are not alone.

Rajasthan seems to have a magic formula to T20 cricket. Other teams went with the direction of the wind, winning a few and losing the rest. . Maybe because Chennai is losing, but I am getting tired of the length of a tournament. It is afterall a shortened version of the game to keep up with the fast pace of modern man. It seems never-ending. Low totals and some ordinary cricket have blown away the initial charm. Now I can't wait for the semi finals and the finals to get over. And why are the semis and finals, all, scheduled in Mumbai? I hope Mumbai doesn't make it to the semis. This will hurt the greedy organizers. Chennai is hopeless. Yet, I am rooting for MS Dhoni' Super Kings. Bring Back Hayden! Bring home the Ugly Cup.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


The grace of the morning sun
Waits with unhurried patience
Behind the closed door, wall and curtain
Lets my cozy privacy with reverance.

As I leaves through the portal
To address the daily chores
Much to this ignorant mortal
Energises the entire house

It happens now abound
The spring of infinite joy
I is nowhere around
The presence is quite wary

After a mundane day at work
I returns to the empty house
The lights are on
But the grace is already gone

Sunday, January 06, 2008


You try a lot not to give up. For yourself, for the society, for your status, you stay in the game. Yet sometimes you come to terms with the fact, the fact that you don't have it in you to reach the finish line. Others may believe and insist that you continue. But you don't. For it is vivid that staying on is never going to be good enough. Making a comeback may be tougher but that does not justify sticking on. As I work towards freeing myself, I urge everyone to read a little, meditate a lot and think of GOD all the time.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

H a p p Y N e W Y e a R

I begin this New Year with the same resolutions as the previous year. Hope it is not the same way next year.

Wishing all of you a very very Happy and Prosperous New Year.