Saturday, July 28, 2007


Silly as it may sound, I stopped using the alarm clock after reading a Deepak Chopra book. Ever since, my wife has been donning the role of Vishwamitra Munivar, singing Uthishto Uthishta Govinda Uthishta...(I still don't know why he should use Govinda Uthishta albeit the same God in a different Yugam) to wake me up. Nothing is under my control, certainly not the time I rise in the mornings. Tomorrow I want to get up at 4:30ish to watch Tendulkar score a big hundred at Trent-Bridge. The signs are ominous. Yet I may miss out unless I go back to the alarm. What if he misses out? I don't want to watch the master go like how Karthik did today - first ball after tea.

In the evening, Ayaz called to ask if I was available to play for the Tornados, tomorrow. I replied in the negative sighting my allergies. He asked me if I knew anyone and followed up with "I just need a body". Now I realize how insulting it must be for Saurav and Sachin. "No nerves in the Tongue" doesn't mean you can't control it.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ekta - not Kapoor but Unity

Suraj ek,
Chanda ek ,
Tarey anek.
Hind desh ki nivasi sarey ek hai.