Monday, October 02, 2006


Gandhi became more popular than Gokhale and Ranade (Please read this article by a Pakistani). If only the Britishers had given freedom to India around the first world war period, we wouldn't have had to celebrate this day as a national holiday. In the land that witnessed great souls like Vivekananda and Ramana (contemporaries of Gandhi), it is a shame to give this nothing more than a stubborn patriot, the title of Mahatma. History is unfair and wrong. I resent this, but who cares? Anyways Happy Birthday, wherever you are, you lucky ****

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Divided Nations

Team A -------------------------------- Team B
USA ------------------------------------------- Iran
UK ------------------------------------------- France
Australia ------------------------------------- Russia
Pakistan ------------------------------------- Pakistan
Israel ---------------------------------------- Venezuela
Italy ----------------------------------------- China
Spain ----------------------------------------- North Korea
Japan ----------------------------------------- Cuba
Canada ---------------------------------------- Syria

The nations of the world are divided. Each one has taken a side. Be it for religion or skin colour or short-term benefits. While India is clearly undecided, Pakistan is on both sides.