Friday, June 27, 2008

Roshakara Raina

Dhoni attributed India's loss to Pak in the Kitply Cup final to Raina's slow (relatively) innings without naming names. However Dhoni showed faith by sending him up the other in the subsequent Asia cup matches and boy did Raina respond. I did not watch the game but 202 for 1 of 26 overs is exceptional against Pak.

Raina unakku rosham adhigam da,
adha vida Dhonikku un mela paasam adhigam da.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dasavatharam - Plaster of Paris

The movie had a grand opening and a logical climax. Everything in between seemed to be hurried to accomodate the additional Kamals. Only an egotic guy like Kamal would do ten totally unrelated characters by himself. I wonder how much he got paid for this movie. Somebody tell me, it was not ten times his salary. Or was it eleven times considering that Kamal had penned the script also. Only that explains the budget of 140 crores. Except for the chopper, graphics, makeup and the Bio-technology lab there is not much to spend on. Probably Mallika Sherawat's item number consumed a lion's share.

Why Himesh? Kamal could have corrected himself after watching/listening to the BGM and had Devisri Prasad do the score for the songs too. Mr. Reshamiya was very pedestral. Devisri Prasad was awesome

The movie overall was better than Sivaji. There was a continuity to the story inspite of 10 Kamals. The director made sure that Kamals were not a distraction.

The Rangarajan Nambi character was majestic. I don't know why they showed the 11th century sequence. It had no relation to the story except Govindaraja Perumal and Chidambaram. But that was the bit I enjoyed the most. I almost felt like crying when the idol of Govindaraja Perumal was removed from the oracle and also when Rangarajan Nambi was forced to say the Panchakshara Manthram.

Balaram Naidu character was a combination of good imagination and acting. The dialogues had a lot of humour and Kamal's accent took it one step further.

The Dalit character was played well. Kamal has to do this - as if they don't have enough representation.

The Muslim role was useless. So was Avtar Singh.

The Paati role was good but the make-up made Kamal look very ugly. I think they might have used the same make-up that was applied on Sukanya during the Indian shoot.

The villain and Japanese characters were well disguised. The Japanese, I just couldn't recognise Kamal. Especially the stunts were fantastic.

The lead hero disappointed me with no kissing scene, underwear scene or dance scenes. Asin looked like Kamal's daughter in the movie. I can't imagine him not touching her for the entire movie. It was like eating curd rice without lemon pickle.

Bush Kamal was awesome. He carried the dumb looks well. The voice was okay too.

Overall it was an unnecessary but very good attempt by Kamal. Considering that Amithabh, Rajni, Vijay ... don't take such painstaking efforts for the same results, Kamal stands apart. I enjoyed the movie.

But Kamal is sure to be affected by the Bhramagathi Dhosham for throwing Govindaraja Perumal around like a soccer ball.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Hillary Clinton - Ooru rendu patta koothadikku kondaatam

I am no big fan of Democrats. However, I must say I am impressed by Hillary Clinton by the end of this race for nomination. Barak's inspiring speeches clinched Iowa before the junta realized that it was nothing but hollow rants delivered well. Everybody including yours sincerely thought that this was Hillary's election. Barak Obama managed to sneak through the back door and win Iowa, thanks to the initial hype. Today, if they go back to Iowa, she is sure to win there. With Iowa and NH, Barak would have dropped off. Luck favoured him, when the Clinton-lastname was a baggage to her. She won California, Texas, Florida, Michigan not to mention Ohio, Penn, Masachusettes, NH, NJ and NY. It beats me that these fools would nominate anybody else.

And what's with the media sucking up to Obama in public! It took Fox News to play a balancing act. Everything seems wrong.

Amidst all this chaos, the Republicans have fielded their best guy, in John McCain. With an unquestionable bipartisan record and loads of experience both in military and politics, he stands tall in front of an inexperienced Obama.

I urge Clinton to run as an independent, and hope for doing a Joe Lieberman at the national level. This is the Democrat's year. They are likely to spill it.

Who is better suited than Hillary to make the case for a third party. With more popular votes in her kitty and an anti-incumbancy wave (at party level), this is her best chance to run as an independent. Her voter base is strong - seniors, women and blue collar workers. Waiting for four more years (I am sure McCain will beat Obama) is foolish. There is no point in being loyal to a party that pronounced her dead inspite of her strong showing in every other race. She now knows her friends. It is a great asset. With this loyal base, I hope she considers an independent run.

Either way, hats-off to Hillary for running an exciting and energizing campaign. She proved to everyone that she is a fighter. In the stage of men, she competed hard and emerged victorious in many a bouts. My respect for her only increased manifold.