Sunday, April 25, 2010

CSK wins final

Nice contest, cleanly fought until Sachin refused to walk after edging one to Dhoni. There was a bit of luck for Raina but the way he rocketed to 50 after getting to 13 off as many deliveries, really set it up for the Super Kings. In the end, Dhoni's masterstroke in Pollard's dismissal and Tendulkar's mistake in keeping Pollard in the dugout till 18th over was the real difference. I was a little disappointed to see Raina missing out on the Golden Player award. He deserved it better than Tendulkar for his allround performance with the bat, ball and in the field. (or for that matter Kallis!)

I feel bad for Lalit Modi who read out his own eulogy at the presentation podium with quotes from "The Bhagavat Gita". The man may be corrupt but he sure can put together a great show. The way he moved the tournament to South Africa last year or the Bangalore game to Mumbai before the semifinals speaks volumes of his abilities. It also demonstrates how efficient an oligarchy can be if the oligarch is efficient. I personally think Lalit Modi should outgrow cricket and consider taking up Homeland Security job in India. I am convinced that he is best suited for running that office as evident from IPL provided his loyalty still rests with India.

As for cricket, see you guys in Champions Trophy. Oh wait! there is the T20 WC before that.