Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Out of context - Brings fame - Spoils humor

Omar has given a link to my blog that will result in adding a few extra eyeballs to the million patrons that already follow my writing. Alright!

However, to be quoted out of context is sadenning or rather frightening in this case. The extract does not portray the subtle humor (also attempted in the post scriptum - that few fellow Tamil patrons alone can get). This has resulted in me claiming that the Prez had ordered an assasination of some sort. Come on, a guy who took over an entire country in a bloodless coup would never do that. Atleast, a sane me would not seriously claim that.

It will be the biggest international cover up - next only to the assasination of Rajiv Gandhi, when not even a single prominent partyworker died - if this goes without investigation in the name of the World Cup.

Also the above statement has been partially taken somewhat making my claim serious.

Omar, thanks for the two-minute fame that you brought me. I, only, wish that you had taken the time to understand my fallible English and not gotten me into (this Presidential) trouble. I pray that not as many read your articles too :-) (atleast in this case).

Ajay, thanks for letting me know about this article. I will be scared to death for the rest of my life.

Announcement: I am not the suicide type. Nor am I suffering from any ailments. So, unlike Woolmer's case, you will be left only with two options for me.


I said...

amerikka citizen ayte, appala enna bayam?

Rajesh said...

illa naan innum indian dhaan. Permanent Resident.

Ajay said...

being a celebrity is costly..