Wednesday, April 26, 2006

nAsadEya sUktam - The Song Of Creation

The Truth in Veda shines at its best when we read the Naasadeeya Sooktam. The acknowledgement of "the unexplicable" is very ardently brought out after giving thorough insights on the earliest perception of Creation.

But, after all, who knows, and who can say
Whence it all came, and how creation happened?
The gods themselves are later than creation,
so who knows truly whence it has arisen?

Whence all creation had its origin,
he, whether he fashioned it or whether he did not,
he, who surveys it all from highest heaven,
he knows - or maybe even he does not know.

-Excerpts from Naasadeeya Sooktam Rg Veda 10th Mandala, 129th Suukta. By A. L. Basham.

A Must Read commentary.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Arisiyal - Rice politics

The Tamil Nadu Arasiyal has par-boiled down to "Free Arisi". While the "Old Man with no eyes" has promised Arisi for Re 2/kg, Amma tops him by offering "Buy 10 kgs for Re.3.50 and get 10 kgs free".

I feel that Amma's offer is sensible because there is a minimum buy catch that many small families may not choose to avail. This is certainly beneficial for the larger families with low income. A win-win situation.

However, the FM, Mr. P.C conveniently overlooks the catch and plays Arisiyal or Ricetics with the issue. God alone can save our India from this man.

Btw, I have no clue as to how much rice, a regular four member family consumes per month. Does anybody here know?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Hu meets Bush - Ignarance is Bliss.

Bush: The Chinaman is coming in. I have to go and receive him. (Leaves White House in a hurry).

Condi and crew are waiting at the airport where Bush joins them to receive the Chinese Premier. As usual GWB doesn't know his name.

The flight arrives and the Chinese contigent is getting off.

George Bush: Every one looks alike. Who is the Premier.
Condi: Hu.
GB: I am asking you.
Condi: Hu
GB: Chinaman
Condi: Hu
GB: Ok there's no time for all this now. (As Hu arrives closer to shake hands with Bush)

GB: (Extending is hand he greets) George.
Chinese guy: Hu
GB: George Bush
Chinese guy: Hu
GB: George W. Bush, the president of America.
Hu: Hu , the president of China.
GB: No the America. Pretty perplexed at the lack of English knowledge in the part of his Chinese counterpart. I know these guys don't speak English. But I didn't think that they will find it difficult to get the common (proper) names.