Monday, August 27, 2007

School and God

The very first establishment of learning must have been orgnised to preach the glory of God in the form of religion. The churches in the west and temples in the east served as centres of learning. Philosophy was the subject around which sciences, and mathematics were taught and learnt. Scholars were saints and godmen.
Today the irony is, both in Communist China and democratic USA, God is forbidden from school. A perfect example of union in two extreme positions. Slowly, over decades, both countries will move towards the other and swap positions, causing the earth to be an eternal bipolar planet.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


With a well-defined boundary and a stable federal government, she was reborn to the sacrifices of a million patriots. Her beauty, her vastness in culture, are all matchless.

Many of us born post-independence do not know the essence of freedom. We tend to debate the unfolding of events and the choices of our leaders during the formative years. Today, I put all that aside to say "Thank You Freedom Fighters".

The abundance of the land which was plundered to poverty and sickness is slowly returning after 60 years. Even history was unfair to reset her counter when it is only evident that civilization was sown in her soil. Nevertheless,today we march forward spreading her glory inch by inch in all directions.

Mother! I salute you. Jai Hind.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Fans not statisticians

Dravid's this statement
"Cricket is special in India, I'm sure they'll be celebrating back home in India as well,"
certainly does not reflect my sentiments. First of all, Dravid's decision not to enforce the follow-on was not in the best interest of cricket. Alright, Zaheer pulled an hamstring and his other bowlers were tired on a new day. But to allow England off the hook inspite of a three hundred run lead is inexplicable. Yet Dravid went on to say that he wants to win the series and not particularly the game to defend his strategy at the end of the third day. To my mind India lost there. Let us go back to the first test where India were given a relatively modest total of three hundred and eighty. Given the conditions, India faultered to humility only to be saved by Varuna Bhagavan.

Okay, even if we accept Rahul's "defensive strategy", it is hard to explain the defensive batting that he displayed when the need of the hour was a rapid thirty from all the batsmen. But for Saurav's brilliance India was on the verge of a collapse that would have embarassed a billion fans in front of the monarchy. Imagine a score of 115 all out in the second innings that would have reduced the target to a gettable 435 with an hour for England. How on the world was it a defensive move to bat third when you had the chance of getting England out with an innings to spare or if necessary, score the remainder going in last? I am disappointed, to say the least