Monday, October 29, 2007

Babu - Initial days

For the first time in his life, Babu takes a PTC bus to go to school, having studied in a nearby facility for all these years. The first few days are a learning experience. He catches the early bus and reaches school ahead of the bell and strictly adheres to the route he knows. He stands inside the bus and even misses the crowded buses on his return home. This way he spends a couple of months making a few friends and familiarising the alternative routes and buses on his way to the school. By now he gets his Bus Pass issued at the school and he adds a break at Panagal Park to increase his options to reach Royapetta. Gradually he socializes with his co-travellers. Before the mid-term exams he masters the "travel by bus" and forms a gang of friends who take the same bus to reach their respective destinations. He begins to step on to crowded buses and also travels on foot-board. He gets on and off of buses at will, travelling ticketless with no guilt.