Sunday, March 18, 2007

What's the point!

Anand Vasu has totally ignored the chances of the Bongs beating SL. Given their back to back wins over NZ and India, the possibility is equally high. That will not eliminate the need for India to win both her matches. However it will ease the need to up the NRR to qualify to the Super Eights even if it means that India will go with two points less. If SL manages to beat the Bongs, yes NRR will apply and if India manages to pull it through, it will carry two points to the Super 8 - ideal for India

Let us analyse the Super 8 with that assumption that India qualifies with the Bongs without the two pioints.
Assuming Aussies and SA will win all their games and qualify to the semis as the top two teams. Then India has to win all the remaining games beating NZ, WI, Eng, Ireland. This will give us a chance to qualify as the third or fourth team. If Bangladesh manages to surprise one of the above teams, it is even better for us. From the semis, it is anyone's game

But if we continue to lose, then what is the point? We don't want an India losing its way to the final, do we?

I also propose to replace Rahul with Sachin or Saurav as the captain from the very next game. There is nothing wrong in being proactive to win the WC. Otherwise it will be another four-year wait. And this proposal has nothing to do with the ongoing Cauvery row.
The reasons are
. Chosing to bat after winning the toss against the bongs
. Not being creative on the field.
. Not using the power plays to good effect.
. Bringing Sehwag late.


Anusha Parthasarathy said...

Rajesh Anna

Bob Woolmer is dead :(

Rajesh said...

yes I know. Enna ippo ellam mariyaadha koodardhu. Wat happened?

Anusha Parthasarathy said...

Ellaam oru Mariyaadhai dhaan :)

Rajesh said...

ok thangachi

Ajay said...

maybe Saurav for captain...not Sachin..
ne way..we avoided some blushes today vs Bermuda..hope we win against too frigging sentimental to say 'India will beat SL and go thro'..not been known to work in the past..
ne way all these r trivial when u hear of Woolmer's fate..i was too off-mood entire saturday...worse to come was Woolmer's paasing away..and it made me forget India's loss and i wudve cried had i been a ten-year old.