Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Master and the Master Blaster.

India will approach John Wright to come back. Tom Moody will be in great demand from world over. With Pawar & Vengsarkar at the helm and Sachin in the midst of controversy, I will not be surprised if a Mumbaikar like Chandrakanth Pandit or even Sunny (if he has the time) take over.

As Kiran More rightly asked, where is the performance?.
After putting in 17 years, if you need a coach to get the scoreboard moving, what can we say?.
If you had problems with the coach, what were you doing so long?.
If you want people to spare a thought for your emotions now, where were your thoughts when you expected the government to pay for the excise duty to import your Ferrari? You were elevated to a special status in India, deservedly. But there is an amount of responsibility that comes along, which you have failed to fulfill. If you had stayed silent, we would have liked you for your humility and modesty, inspite of the failure. You spoke and the timing, here too, is bad.

Finally a few words of wisdom - It is easy to be graceful in success, people elevate you to higher levels praising your modesty. But it is hard to be graceful during failure and that seperates you from the greatness that you are equated with.