Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fed Failout

The recent attempt to buy bad mortgages seems a bold move that has rejuvenated the market. While I pray that the American govt. has the capacity to sustain the weight of these mortgages till the housing market turns upward, I am skeptical. I am skeptical as I would be when a stock reverse-splits only to loose all the gains in the ensuing weeks. Atleast it gives a chance to redeem for those who are deep into these financial companies. I hear sell and buy gold.

Disclaimer : I know nothing about finance.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Republican Irony

I think Sarah Palin is a good choice for VP. She can be an understudy to McCain to boost her experience while he is at the helm. Chairman of the House will not be a tough task for her as a day job

Democrats wasted no time to say that experience is no longer an issue in the campaign. However, every time they mention that, Obama's inexperience is dragged to the forefront and invariably his community service record (laughable for a person aiming for the highest office) is brought to his defense. This makes McCain's choice brilliant.

To counter Obama's grand convention, I wish McCain had held his convention at the backyard of a foreclosed house/mansion. That would have been more brilliant.

The irony here is:
Dick Chaney stood against gay rights, his daughter turned out gay.
Sarah Palin advocated abstinence till marriage, her daughter came home pregnant.

But, I am sure Sarah will come out stronger on this issue. For atleast, her daughter did not exercise choice that would have aborted her mom's VP candidature before it began.

The fact that Sarah delivered her son as recently as April 2008, reminds me of an old joke in my family. My aunt came home to my grandmother's place for delivery only to find out that my grandmother had left to her mom's place for her delivery.

Hope Sarah keeps her cool and delivers a great speech at the convention that will clear all doubts and establish her as a deserving VP nominee of the GOP.

I still wish Hillary runs as an independent. But I get Obama took care of her campaign debt in return for the speech that she delivered at the Dem Convention. Bill might have ended up making money at the end of the convention.