Friday, September 29, 2006

Seemantham 9/24/06

A snap from Vaishnavi's Seemantham on Sunday. Friends and relatives were present to shower their love and blessings on both of us and the to-be-born. Now, it's time to bootstrap for the biggest event of my life.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Nancy Disgrace?

Trial by media had its latest victim, when the mother of a missing child commited suicide. Nancy, allegedly, suspected the lady of some wrong-doing in her son's disappearance. The boy's dad has given Nancy, a clean chit. The child is still missing. It will be interesting to see how Fox News will make the public react to this story. Just watched it on the "NO SPIN ZONE".

Now Grace is being grilled by paparazzi. She refused interviews. Her response via email:

"We feel a responsibility to bring attention to this case in the hopes of helping find Trenton Duckett, who remains missing. Our goal in our continuing coverage of Trenton's disappearance is to enlist the public's help in finding him," Grace's statement read. "While Ms. Duckett's death is an extremely sad development, we remain hopeful that Trenton will be found safe, and we will continue to cover the case until it is solved."

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Titled - Tamil Singham

Thr script is ready. The movie will be named "Tamil Singam". The movie has 5 songs and 12 fight sequences. The songs will be placed at equal intervals.

The first song will be a reluctant Captain being ragged by the "Pannaiyar's daughter" Sada.

The second song features Simran in a dream sequence where Captain is dressed in Kakkis (I mean our Tamilnadu police dress with medals and Cap with national emblem)in Canada. Much like the Sakalakala vallavaney song from Pammal K.

The third song - this is an emotional song that takes the story from the death of Kumaresan's family through his time in Jail. The song ends when Kumaresan reaches his village.

Fourt song is just an amazing koothu celebrating a successful operation while Captain is in the ranks of LLTE.

The fifth follows within a couple of scenes - This is a pathos more like the one in Nanda (" paniya illai mudhal mazhaiya. en ninaivil edho...") or the one starring madhavan in mani's movie.

The music director will be Vidyasagar. Rehman doesn't go well for Captain. Ilayaraj is reserved for his total village subjects. Harris Jayaraj wd be good but he is out of stock now. So we settled for Vidyasagar under one conditions. The condition that Vidyasagar would not score for the stunt sequences.

The stunts in this movie will be the USP to distributors and audience alike. There will be no re-recording. The sound produced from the impact of Vijayakanth's arms and legs on the enemies will be kept to its original. It is hard to reproduce, experts say. So Captain has demanded for original sound. However upon persuation he has agreed to include some effects like "buguvey buguvey buguvey" "akum akum akum" "hiye hiye".... as the enemies fall after coming in contact with Captain's blows. Special walls have been erected at the locations to withstand Captain's powerful legs. If you know him, Captain never kicks the enemies directly. He needs to have three steps before contact. This helps him generate the awesome power that we experience in the theater.

Public are encouraged to go to theaters and warned not to watch it at home on thiruttu DVD. The Television sets are likely to tremble during the fight scenes and the powerful dialogues towards the climax. The tremor will measure to a ritcher 5 earthquake. Beware!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Starring Captain

When so many Tamils are suffering in the south of the border, it is difficult to pretend that Kashmir problem is more important for us to resolve. India governed from up north does not want to entertain the seperationists in SL because it would hurt their standpoint in Kashmir and Assam. But didn't they help B'desh to break free from Pakistan. Hail! Vaiko.

As a first step, I want to see Vijayakanth make a movie around the Srilankan Tamil crisis. The storyline is ready.

Vijaykanth is a tailor in a remote village in Tamilnadu .A tailor who does not have his own shop, Captain goes from house to house to earn his living.

The scene shifts to Chennai. The DGP, IGs, DIGs, Home minister and other law and order personnel are summoned by the Chief Minister for an urgent meeting to discuss the murder of an Indian dignitary during his recent visit to Sri Lanka. Various strategies are brought to the table but nothing promising. That is when one low-ranked, honest police officer stands and mentions the name "Kumaresan". The entire room goes silent. Who is this Kumaresan, the CM asks innocently.

Scene shifts to a very busy marketplace where a few goondas are creating havoc. The sirens of the police van brings the area SI who gets beaten up badly. At the right moment enters Kumaresan (Vijayakanth) and the rest is ...

A few incidents like this during a direct confrontation with the villain Kumaresan falls into a trap and as a result his family members (Simran as wife , and two children get killed) and Vijayakanth gets blamed for bribery or something like that.
After serving a few months in jail, Vijayakanth returns to his native village and changes his name to Ravi and occupation to "Tailor". Thus ends the flash back.

The government goes back and forth trying to persuade Kumaresan to rejoin the forces. Kumaresan hesitates but eventually agrees to join the mission. But he wants it to be a "One man operation". However this one man operation includes Senthil (comedian) and the village pannaiyar's daughter who is madly in love with Tailor Ravi (even before the real story is revealed).

Vijayakanth leaves for Srilanka (in disguise) with his customary manja jolna pai and azhukku veshti. He wants to really mingle in the LLTE group to understand how they operate and to dismantle them from within. He reaches Mullai Thivu on a Kalla Thoni. From there he gets an acquaintance who helps him reach Jaffna, the headquarters of LLTE. He, somehow manages to enter the organization and quickly rise in the ranks. He is now the right hand for the head of LLTE Mr Sirupillai Kripakaran. He becomes third in command after Sirupillai and Ilamsingam.
Although he is here on a mission to thwart the LLTE from inside, Kumaresan soon realizes that the LLTE is an organization comprising of good people and the Tamil cause is just. His focus soon shifts on the SL govt. His investigations revela that the SL givt. is using its power to blame LLTE and show the organization in poor light. How Captain successfully brings out the truth and gets freedom for Tamils can be seen in the Silver Screens.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


If, all of a sudden, water were to loose its property of quenching thirst, everyone will consume it in gallons before they realize or come to terms with it. What is a good alternative? Tender coconut water?