Tuesday, May 29, 2007

To those Converts - my religion

Socialism and secularism in India have done enough damage for the people to loose their spine. I learnt about the mass conversion to Buddhism. It really pains me. One of the converts was on record saying "Jainism was another option, but its rigidity is hard to practise". Dah!

Then, we have guys like Sriram, who wants to be called Thiru Ram for he feels Sri is a North Indian word. One of my friends suggested "Thiru Dan" because Ram is also a North Indian name. Therefore ThiruRam isn't appropriate. I couldn't stop laughing.

Self-respect cannot be obtained externally. It is how you value yourself. You become a Buddhist, Jain, Christian, Muslim or remain a Hindu, nothing will change for you. Buddha's teaching is surely one way to reach the Ultimate Truth. But to enter into religious escapade to escape social discrimination is a grave mistake. So is to sell religion as a commodity.

Ekam sat vipraha bahudha vadanti

Truth is unique. Learned people call it different names.

Hinduism is not the name of our religion. It was a name given by foreigners to the people who lived around the Indus - whose religious and philosophical derivations came from the Vedas. According to the Kanchi Paramacharya, His Holiness Jagadguru Sri Chandrasekara Saraswati Swamigal, our religion has no name. His point was that only if there existed an alternative, you require a name to differentiate. However, the different derivations of the age-old Vedas, encompass all the philosophies known to the world. Just like many stream leading to a river, many paths can lead to God.

To think of God as a human-being is imagination. Tell that to the king of the forest, he will roar in rage. Tell that to a bird, and it will immediately point out that "no way God can't fly". It is required to imagine God. However, it is foolish to cling to the imagination like most Hindus do. To dismiss the image worship, like Buddha and Prophet Mohammad did, shows their spiritual status. But to preach it to ordinary people is highly irresponsible. It is like skipping a few steps in the spiritual ladder. The chances of you tripping and falling down is more than being able to directly climb to the top of the ladder. Foundation is important and image worship serves as a strong basis for the spiritual journey that every man undertakes.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Sivaji - Mudhalvan

Dayanidhi Maran has been made the scapegoat of the Stalin-Alagiri showdown that brought to light the extent of power-struggle going on behid the scenes. With Karunanidhi's kidneys losing the motor by the day, the tussle for power reminds me of this old Tamil saying;
Appan eppo saavan, thinnai eppo gaali aagum.

Until now Maran has been very polished and careful not to react emotionally. The next few days, he will be spending weighing his political aspirations against his brother's media moghul status which he shares to a great extent; before coming out with his next move. This may take as long as June 3rd before we get to know what is really going on.

Will he join Amma to form a DMJ or will he join Captain to form a DMVJ all in the interest of keeping his business including the Sumangali Cable network afloat?

This will be interesting to see, because both Karunanidhi and his wife have significant stakes in SUN TV. It also shares office space in the DMK office, which should be no big deal for Maran as the uplink happens from VSNL to Manila (based on my old information).

If he joins Amma, SUNTV will take over Jaya TV only for the duo to split when they part ways after a couple of years. If the nexus happens, that will spell death knell for Kalaignar's Dravidian politics that has been an hobson choice ever since the Indian Independence except for a few years here from Rajaji and a few years there from Bakthavatchalam and Kamarajar. Even MGR and Amma had to allign themselves to Dravidian theology to garner public support. As Karunanidhi fades, will go with him -the hardline Periyar philosophy - springing several options open in the air. DMK will split into hundred small parties like how Duryodana's head split into 100 Kaurava's in MahaBharatha. It is all gain for Amma unless a determined Vijaykanth makes a few smart moves. Or spare a thought for the Rajinikanth factor...
Naan eppo varuven, eppadi varuvennu yaarukkum theriyadhu;
Aana vara vendiya nerathila kandippa varuven

Sivaji - the boss, who missed out his oppurtunity, the last time around, when Shankar offered him the lead in Mudhalvan, will also be watching like an eagle for the right time to jump in. If Sivaji comes anywhere close to Chandramuki in box office, Rajini will launch in style. Overnight, entire TN will reallign itself behind SUPERSTAR barring a few fanatics belonging to PMK and Dalit Panthers.

Finally,I am running for office under his banner. Afterall I am the first to speculate thalaivar's Chief Ministership for the next 20 years in Tamilnadu. I deserve atleast a MLA ticket if not a minister post. I am buying two Premier Veshti's for Diwali.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

GB Humor

TV Guy: Mr. President, thank you for joining us for this interview.
GB: Hey TV Guy, pleasure to be here.
TV Guy: Sir, have you put any thoughts on where you want to have the GWB Presidential Library.
GB: Library? TV Guy, did u get the wrong person. I am not Bose, the scientist guy, I am Bush, the president.
TV Guy (chuckles): No sir, I don't mean a laboratory. I want to know about your library after your term ends.
GB: Oh! I gotya. In the White House we have 3 full and one powder. The staff and visitors get there own. I am very particular about hygiene, you see.
TV Guy: But sir...
GB: Hold on.. After my term, I will move back to the ranch and it will be in th e open air like the good old days.
TV Guys: Sir, with all due respects, I am not concerned about the lavatries.
GB: Then what?
TV Guy: Library, where we get books...
GB: O yeah, the bookshelf... You got to be clear, TV Guy. Laura has a degree in keeping bookshelves. She is into all that, not me . My dad's got one of those too in Texas.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Bruce Lee - The Lost Interview

Listen to the spiritual wisdom and watch the confidence oozing out of Bruce Lee.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Nash for Nowitzki, Fred Thompson for President.

John McCain - He said " I know how to reach across the aisle and they know how to reach across the aisle to me.". I say, "That cost you the Republican nomination which is a prerequisite to being the President of UNited States"

Rudy Guillianni - Popular, maybe effective but came out very dishonest. He was afterall just a Mayor before he jumped into the big league.

Sam Brownback - Indifferent yet impressive.

Tom Tancredo - Will not get immigrant votes.

Romney - Eloquent. However, you have better odds of winning the race for President of India where people are always on the lookout for secular leaders and the timing is ripe. You are like the Sanjaya of American Idol. They will keep you in the race for ratings.

Others - I heard the job market is good. Post your resume on monster.

Fred Thompson - Please file for nomination.

And what's up with the teams that I support. They go down to underdogs without a fight, irrespective of the sport. Nash for Nowitzki. Warriors smoking Cuban cigars!