Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Puzzle for a change

Three couples say A-A', B-B' and C-C' are stranded in an island. Luckily for them, there is a boat that can carry them to the other side of the shore. But only two people may travel in the boat at any point of time. All the husbands are "sandhega praanis". They don't trust their wife staying or riding with other men in their absence. How do everyone reach the other side without having to compromise on integrity.

PS: no one knows swimming and there is no long rope to tie to the boat and pull it from the other side. Also no one can think or act like Vijayakanth. The only means of transportation is the boat.

Here is another one that is in Japanese. Figure it out for yourself.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Legends of South India - T. Krishnamacharya

Yoga has become very popular in recent years with new centres opening in every street corner like Jamba Juice. Each centre also subscribe to a branch of Yoga from the school of Iyengar Yoga, Pattabhi Jois, Indra Devi or Desikachar .

What is amazing is all these masters learnt and practiced under the same Guru, Shri Thirumalai Krishnamacharya. Born on Nov 18th 1888, he lived exactly to a hundred.
Wiki has captured his life history. His disciples are spreading the Yoga - revealed to him partly by Nathamuni (in his dream) and partly by a guru in the Himalayas -Krishnamacharya remains unknown to most outside the Yoga world. He moved to Chennai and taught Yoga till his last years before dying of coma.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

School books grow up, finally

"Make your own conclusions", say the latest NCERT textbooks on politics after Indian Independence. I wish I had that choice of drawing my own conclusion. How many times, Mrs Santhi Chandrasekhar had asked me to get out of the class because I didn't agree with the book.

1.I was forced to believe that Gandhi and his policies were the lone cause for India's freedom struggle. Infact I knew no one other than Gandhi, Nehru and Bose. Bose was called an extremist; in the contrary he was a pure nationalist. Borrowing words from the British to describe our freedom struggle was the most foolish thing to do.

2. I was persuaded to praise the glory of the Mughal Empire. Akbar was probably worth a mention, not the ones that came before and after.

3. Dravidian history was restricted to Tamil text books and stateboard schools

4. Post-independence India was all about Nehru and his Panchsheel.

5. Ambedkar was glorified in the civics textbooks for the sole reason that he was a Harijan. No mention about the giants that preceeded or even Alladi Krishnaswami who contributed a great deal.

6. Who wanted to know about Alsace and Lorraine when there was little mention about the battle of Panipat and Raja Raja Chola's conquest beyond the Ganges.

What a waste!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Aurobindo's Gandhi Bashing

I don't want to be that guy who posted a clip on You-tube imitating Gandhi.

But here is a quote that was as refreshing as a cuppa Madras filter coffee.

When Gandhi's movement was started, I said that this movement would lead either to a fiasco or to a great confusion. And I see no reason to change my opinion. Only I would like to add that it has led to both.

-Aurobindo June 23, 1926

However a few may argue that it led to India's independence. I see it as something that was given than earned. Your thoughts?

Sachin - The difference.

I recently came across this magnum opus on Sachin. Must see for all Indian Cricket fans. Please watch all three parts.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Soothsayer from UTOPIA

My prediction for the first round. I think South Africa will top Group A. The second round will see a resurgent India beat Australia in a totally one-sided game in their first game. India will continue its run beating West Indies, New Zealand and England before being checked by South Africa. India will start afresh beating Pakistan in their last game. finishing second behind South Africa in the overall table.

Group A

South Africa

Group B


Group C

New Zealand

Group D

West Indies

Second Round

South Africa

Semi Final

India vs Srilanka -------------> India
SA vs Australia -------------> Australia


India vs Australia

Rahul Dravid lifts the cup.

India will beat Srilanka in a bitterly fought semifinal. Australia will trounce SA in the other semi setting up a 2003 encore - but this time only to go down to the Men In Blue.

Sehwag will prove vital with both bat and ball throughout the tourney. Yuvraj will give way to Dinesh Karthik as his lack of preparation will show in the early games. India must use Sreesanth only to rest Zaheer or Munaf for the initial games.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Keep off Azhar now

Looks like Nagpur police were fearing layoffs. The city was so crime-free that they found a prey in the young West Indian, Marlon Samuels. "South Indian nahin, North Indian nahin, East Indian nahin, West Indian hai woh. Harey yaar woh toh Mumbaikar hi hai."

Now every other cricket writer will suddenly remember Hansie Cronje or Azhar. Let me tell them something. Keep off Azhar. He might not have been the best to play for India - coming after Sunny and followed soon by Sachin, Saurav and Rahul, but he certainly was vital during the gap. His exploits in domestic cricket and his three consecutive test tons on debut for India, are testimony enough. He was the first Indian to dive for stopping a cricket ball, in an era where the rest of our heroes were happy to escort it to the ropes. Fitness and agility were his trademark. He led India through some bad times and emerged as the most successful Indian captain before Saurav surpassed him. For him to be denied his well deserved ten thousand one day runs and hundredth test cap is severe punishment.

Whether match-fixing is real or not, whether he was involved or not, there can be no debate that he was a great cricketer. And if he had let out some information regarding the playing eleven or the toss and his batting or bowling line-up , that I don't consider match-fixing. Match-fixing is an allegation which would fit only someone who influences the result of a game by making obvious choices to turn the game. You and I would be equally gullible, if we were to get the kind of offers from the Sheikhs of Dubai for tipping on who will start or not.

Now leave him alone. And dear police officers, please try to solve the Noida killing case that has put the entire nation in shock, rather than chasing budding cricketers in the hotel rooms from city to city.

Let Ajju and Bijju live happily hereafter.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Strong Resolve

Deepak Chopra, whether he is a realised soul or not, he writes well and I stay motivated for one full week every book I read, every time I read. The positive words of encouragement oozes out of every page. It helps a pessimist like me.

This year is very unique. I have kept resolutions throughout January. I just declared holiday for resolutions today. A well deserved rest to well kept resolutions. May be the key was not sharing the resolution with anyone. Not letting others keep watch on me, not making a joke of them and constantly reminders from within were key, I think. Now I am in control. I can flirt around without fear.

Lets see..,