Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Yin Yang

A layer of black,
a layer of blackish-grey,
a layer of grey,
a layer of greyish-white,
and a layer of white
conceal the beautiful blue sky
from the naked eye.

The black gets grey;
the grey gets white;
it 's all finally blue
when you reach that height.

See outside,
seek inside
the prevading Blue;
reveals none but thy self.


Ajay said...


APAM NAPAT said...

I was expecting more of "good one" or "nice" like the comments on your blog.

But I will take anything now.

Ajay said...

well i thot i saw a parallel there...
ne way to garner comments like 'good one' or 'nice' means many things:
a) the commenter really means it
b) the commenter doesnt want to commit anything, so those would do the job
c) the commenter just wants to give his/her 'attendance' (which is a good thing as it increases the total comments)
d) the commenter really thinks it's damn boring.

APAM NAPAT said...

ok no more "nice one" except when genuinely meant. :-)

vishy said...

see outside
Seek inside..

super lines..

en Ying Yang nu peru vetchinga?? Vara vara rombha philosophy pesaringa.. next time vetukku vandhda usually adikkara jokes and kalasal aah vituttu... lecture kodakka aramitchuduvingalo nu thonudhu.

Deepa said...

Enna pa I, nee ellam poem ezhudha kelambitteenga??
LOL @ "nice one" reply.

APAM NAPAT said...

vishy Yin Yang is a Chinese thing.
Deepa, thanks for recognizing it as apoem.

vishy said...

worstu... pera padicha adhu chinese thing nu enakku puriyadha... artham enna nu sollu pa??

APAM NAPAT said...

google la Yin Yang nu kuduka maatiya. Indha generation la ippadi irukkiye. seri unakaaga

Rodrigo said...

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