Saturday, June 09, 2007

Be thy friend

The only person who has been with you this whole life, is You. Be thy friend. Talk to yourself. Even more, listen to yourself. You will find new ways to solve your problem for no one knows your problems better than you do.

You are ready to advice others on their issues. You will be ready to advice yourself too. Just that you are not listening to yourself. Your advices to yourself go unheard because you are not listened to. Nobody is paying attention to you. Not even you. Its 1:47 AM. Go...sleep. Listen to yourself.

Heard you! 40 winks.


vishy said...

hmmmm Rombha ve... Gethai ya padikaringa pola irukku..

Anonymous said...

talk too much to yourself, and you'll be in trouble :)

Deepa said...

True Anon.:-)