Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Naga's Chidambara Rahasiyam.

This wonderful serial has reached its climax. All this while, I was thining that it was GOD (Editor Kumaraguru) who was behind all the killings. Now it looks unlikely, the fact that he has accepted that he was involved but was not the main planner.

My wife suspects Bombay Gnanam who is playing Aakash's paati although there is no clue that would lead to her, thus far. Except that she does not want Aakash to get into Olai Chuvadi's and stuff.

Is it YG. Mahendran (or his wife)? But then why would he put his own daughter through all the torture.

Is it Somu's friend, the photographer?

Is it Thulasi?

It can't be Somu.
Please let me know if you suspect anyone else.
Who is Kaduvul??

List of Dead - how they died

Palani - Lorry Accident

Sankaran - Poison
Ponnambalam - Poison (Oxytoxin)
Natesa Sharma - Poison
Manoharan - Poison
Ismail - Poison
Perumal Reddy - Poison
Priest -Poison
Nandan - Poison
Isakki - Poison
Seethapathy - Poison
Little Somu - Poison

11 out of 12 were killed of poison. Was the first murder unmotivated.

Are there multiple killers, just to add to the mystery.


ashok said...

rajesh....wat the hell is that?

Usha said...

Sooper, enakum idhe doubt dhan nethulerndhu, I know the storyline courtesy my Mom whenever we talk about TV after I came to India, and yesterday was when I watched the serial the first time..I think it would be Mohanram's daughter, whatever she is called. Ashok, that is a tamil serial by name Chidambara Ragasiyam.

Rajesh said...

Naga is the best thing that has ever happened to Chinna Thirai.
I doubt (u remember this word, don't you - The Australian doubt, not the Indian doubt) that it will be Thulasi. Naga is very unpredictable.
I am a SUNTV addict.

ashok said...

Oh I see...sorry guys, its way beyond my head...

vishy said...

hmm ippadi SUNTV pathu en ellarum en vayatherichal aah kalaparinga..

any way velai kadaichachu.. so next TV + cable than... well appo appo.. cable connection aah full time use panna oru wife um... kondu varalama nu oru yosanai..

வேதா said...

hi raghu,
i am also watching the serial from the first episode, and my anxiety is growing with every episode(literally sollanumna, veetula ellarum mudiya pichukittu irrukoom) aiyo! yaru thaan kola seiythathu!! i doubted god first, now i doubt thulasi, vishnu, ... the list is long .suspense thanga mudiyala.

Anonymous said... many crazy people r there

Rajesh said...

I missed the serial this week. Looks like nothing happened.

Aarthi said...

Hello..I am a big fan of this serial and remember the tension I hd towards the climax! I got reminded of this serial 2 days back and I am unable to sleep ever since as I forgot the climax :) How did the story end? I don't remember whether I watched it or not..I checked with my mom and brother and we all seem to remember only until a certain point..Could you please let me know who was Kadavul and how the story ended? Is this serial available in the internet where I can see it again? Would you know? Since you are a big fan, I am sure you will be able to understand how desperate I am to know the climax :) Thanks in advance and I am looking forward for your reply!

APAM NAPAT said...