Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Iyer the Great

Cross posted from Annachivazhi.

The time is 2:00 AM, I am on the verge of a deep sleep when the phone rings ...

Me : Hello
Iyer: Hello Rajesh? Hey naan dhandaa Balaji.
Me: Mmm. solludaa (with thooka kalakkam)
Iyer: Ennada sogamaa irukka.
Me: Dei, rathiri rendu mani daa.
Iyer: Enna daa poi sollara. Inga 1:30 madhiyanam. Velila vezhil adikudhu.
Yenda poi sollara.
Me: Illa daa Balaji. America la rathiri rendu mani daa.
Iyer: Pesa ishtam illeynaa, phonea vechudu.
Adhukaaga ippadi appattamaa poi pulugaadha.
Me: Nejamadaa.
Iyer: Slams the phone hard.

The next day Iyer calls back and says "I verified from my friends and they said that in America it is night when it is morning in India. How is it possible?"

Me: Dei, Earth rotate agum bodhu..."
Iyer: Ennadhu Earth rotate agudha. Yennada gunda thooki podara.
Sun and Moon dhaaney, Boomiya suthi varum?
Me: Illada.
Iyer: Ennadaa enakku edhuvum theriyaadhunnu kadha vidarayaa.
Me: Dei, Sun is stationary daa.
Iyer: Slams the phone.

Iyer is yet to call me back after that incident. If any of you happen to see him or talk to him, just let him know that I was not telling a lie. Also buy him some third standard Geography book. I shall reimburse.


maheshbalaji said...

Copernicus-ku... ivlo centuries kachichu oru competition! wow! long live science..! :-p

sorry Mr. Imaginary Iyer... i dont know u... anyways...

Raajk said...

Rajesh !
you should have given a common man's name intead of Iyer. I dont think of any iyer not knowing this simple geography.

Rajesh said...

raaj & mabaa,
Iyer Balaji is a friend of mine. Ma Ba, u know him.
The story is fictional but the person is real. He is a funny guy and we always trip on him.

ashok said...

man..that was funny...

Usha said...

Idhellam aniyaya karpanai

vishy said...

hello ur friend is rite.. sathyama ulagam suthala mamu..

illati... unga veedu kathatha oru pakkamum sayankalam oru pakkamum irukkum... itha than namma ARIvoli simple aah sollirkaru

" suttha-dhadhu mel nindru kondu sutthuvadhai partral.. suttha-dadhu
suttruvathu pol dhan theriyum "

Rajesh said...

Actualaa enakkum oru doubt irukku indha vishayathula. Maybe Iyer Balaji is our Aristotle.

Ajay said...


Usha said...

Vangappa arivoligala! Enaku therinju ulagam sutharadhunala endha veedum endha pakkamum irukadhu, coz it is a relative spin for all objects on earth..eppadi ungalala ellam mattum ivalo thiramaya yosika mudiyudhu?

msk_vimal said...

rajesh na
dum balaji......kalakitaru

Anonymous said...

idhu verum karpanai dhan

Anonymous said...

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