Friday, November 11, 2005

South Indian Stars

Response to Amrit Hallan of the Writing Cave
It may be true that we have a few veteran actorss who won't give up, but South Indian industry is not short of youth. Hailing from Tamilnadu, my mind immediately thinks of Vijay, Vikram, Surya, Jayam Ravi, Dhanush for a few who have been pretty successsful in tinseltown in the recent past.
The success of these youngsters have pushed veterans like Sarath Kumar, Vijaykanth, Prabhu and Karthik to the back bench. These are ordinary heroes.

Now if you are talking about Kamal, Rajini, Chirru Mohanlal or Mammooty, I would well advise you to remove any contact details in your blog that would lead to you. Yes we want them around.

As a heterosexual male, I don't care for the looks of the pot-bellied heroes as much as I would for the north Indian slimmies who are cast in the same movies, merely for filling that gap. In all, our movies are complete and therefore our heroes turn eternal.
Bollywood will face the same in 5-10 years when Sharukh , Salman and Aamir shed their youth, if you feel they have not already.
Then, you will find that its better to watch Vijaykanth perform than the hexagon-faced Hrithik Roshan dance. After all while watching Vijaykanth in action, my living room TV shakes.

The biggest difference is that South Indian heroes are made over several movies and hence have a niche while Bollywood heroes are judged movie by movie. This doesn't mean we are sentimental idiots. It takes a lot for a hero to get to that status. Afterall, projects and rates in celluloid industry are purely based on the success of the previous project.


Ram said...

U forgot Manmadan starrer Simbu.....waiting for ur comments

Rajesh said...

Simbu mela enna ivalo pasam.
Simbukku adikaadha nee sombu

Anonymous said...

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