Wednesday, November 16, 2005

God and Science - an old post

Man throws an apple up in the air;
When it comes down, he says;
"All that goes up has to come down" - Newton's Law of gravitation.
God sits up there and smiles; "All that has gone down has to come up one day"

Science is correct only as long as the assumptions made are true.
Religion is true only as long as its beliefs are true.
God is true as long as there is doubt.

If you have no doubts about anything , then you are either arrogant or totally ignorant. And only then you can be a non-believer of the obvious.
The obvious is His existence.

You call Him whatever.
You pray to Him however.
If you believe He is there
Then He is really there.
Thats all you should care;
that he cares.
Leave the rest to Him;
and rest in Him.
For all you can control is very little,
being a mere puppet
and strings with Him.


Ram said...

Pretty long issue to be discussed in Short.

Rajesh said...

Nambikai than naa vazhkai

Vinod said...

Romba seri romba seri

Ram said...

Anna intha words gita thane

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