Saturday, November 12, 2005

Dodo-ed products

Within the last ten years, several things have been replaced or eliminated from the market in front of our very eyes. Some of them were very popular in the 90's. Some of them were very dear to me. We would never have imagined that these would be outdated ever. From kuchi Ice trolleys in the streets to TVS 50's and Maruthi Omnis in the showroom, the whole dynamics has changed.
I no longer wear a wrist-watch. Afterall every gadget displays time today. I am sure next generation kids will struggle to tell the time from a hand-clock (non digital).
I see no TVS 50s on the Indian roads.
Film rolls are getting replaced.
Audio tapes and walkman? IPod is becoming outdated.
VCR. I still own it. I don't know why.
Dial-up internet? You must be in the deeps of Africa.
TV antenna.
I miss those stray dogs that chase me especially when I want to sneak into the house silently in the nights.
Paneer Soda. Man I loved it.
The big HERO cycle. My friends thatha stills owns from the 1930s.
And finally my YOUTH. Oh! My god I turned 30 this month. I am old... really old... I see some grey hair. I am old..


suman kumar said...

kalakarey po! Couple of things. Provide a link to your RSS feed. And make commenting public; right now only users with blogger ids can post comments. I find that silly.

kumareshwithnature said...

cool buddy. read some stuff and they are interesting to read.
keep it up!!!!