Monday, August 11, 2008

DNC ( H )

It is time for the third front in America. Hillary should branch off from the DNC and start her own party. With Obama's popularity plummeting each day, there is no better time for America to look at a third alternative. Who better than Hillary?

Hillary should re-attempt to present her case to the American public on the wake of the John Edwards scandal. Having been a victim of a extra-marital scandal herself, the sympathy of the commoner will be with her. First she should try a coup in the DNC. If unsuccessful, she should extend it beyond the DNC and form a DNC (H). Afterall American politics seems too organized for too long. It is time to shake it up. She will emerge successful, if she can tap in the money from Middle East and corporate America.

Add Indian flavour to American politics. Politics is about plays - support and withdrawal at the right times. This is Hillary's moment. If you want to win, you better play. You will be too old for a maiden presidency next time. Announce before August 15th.


ashok said...

waiting to see ur 'kuselan' review...

APAM NAPAT said...

I haven't watched Kuselan. It is not a Rajni movie. It is a movie in which Rajni is making a guest appearance. Avalodhan. Don't want to spend 10 $ for such crap.