Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dasavatharam - Plaster of Paris

The movie had a grand opening and a logical climax. Everything in between seemed to be hurried to accomodate the additional Kamals. Only an egotic guy like Kamal would do ten totally unrelated characters by himself. I wonder how much he got paid for this movie. Somebody tell me, it was not ten times his salary. Or was it eleven times considering that Kamal had penned the script also. Only that explains the budget of 140 crores. Except for the chopper, graphics, makeup and the Bio-technology lab there is not much to spend on. Probably Mallika Sherawat's item number consumed a lion's share.

Why Himesh? Kamal could have corrected himself after watching/listening to the BGM and had Devisri Prasad do the score for the songs too. Mr. Reshamiya was very pedestral. Devisri Prasad was awesome

The movie overall was better than Sivaji. There was a continuity to the story inspite of 10 Kamals. The director made sure that Kamals were not a distraction.

The Rangarajan Nambi character was majestic. I don't know why they showed the 11th century sequence. It had no relation to the story except Govindaraja Perumal and Chidambaram. But that was the bit I enjoyed the most. I almost felt like crying when the idol of Govindaraja Perumal was removed from the oracle and also when Rangarajan Nambi was forced to say the Panchakshara Manthram.

Balaram Naidu character was a combination of good imagination and acting. The dialogues had a lot of humour and Kamal's accent took it one step further.

The Dalit character was played well. Kamal has to do this - as if they don't have enough representation.

The Muslim role was useless. So was Avtar Singh.

The Paati role was good but the make-up made Kamal look very ugly. I think they might have used the same make-up that was applied on Sukanya during the Indian shoot.

The villain and Japanese characters were well disguised. The Japanese, I just couldn't recognise Kamal. Especially the stunts were fantastic.

The lead hero disappointed me with no kissing scene, underwear scene or dance scenes. Asin looked like Kamal's daughter in the movie. I can't imagine him not touching her for the entire movie. It was like eating curd rice without lemon pickle.

Bush Kamal was awesome. He carried the dumb looks well. The voice was okay too.

Overall it was an unnecessary but very good attempt by Kamal. Considering that Amithabh, Rajni, Vijay ... don't take such painstaking efforts for the same results, Kamal stands apart. I enjoyed the movie.

But Kamal is sure to be affected by the Bhramagathi Dhosham for throwing Govindaraja Perumal around like a soccer ball.


ashok said...

cant wait to see...

ashok said...
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Sudhakar said...

Nice post. Bramagathidosham comment is nice.
Anyway you can post all your blogs in my new blog directory.
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Deepa said...

Finally, a +ve review!. Also good to see the blog back up alive & kicking.:-)

APAM NAPAT said...


Nee paakala?

vishy said...

Nice to read such a review from a hardcore Rajni fan...

but as a Kamal fan.. I was toally disappointed with the movie. There was no need for Kamal to do the 10 roles. The faced bore no expressions and looked too artificial.

The second half of the movie was unnessarily stretched for making the act to 10. By the time the tall Kamal came on the screen I was bored .. this tall guys dull and base voice only irritated me all the more. I litereally felt like walking out of the theater ..

The first few mins showing the Perumal was excellent.. and the alst scene where he shows the idol back on the beach was good..

Other wise the screen play was messed up and stretched too much.

Worst of all the Kamal movies I have seen so far.

The comedy though slapstick was better than Shivaji. Back ground score by Devi sriprasad was good.

Usha said...

ivalo sabam vendam kamal-ku paavam, edho theriyama pantar..

APAM NAPAT said...

agreed. although I don't agree with the boring part. it was thrilling for the most part. atleast I was thrilled that I got to see a movie in the theatre after a year.

APAM NAPAT said...

kamal aana regularaa pannara endha seshtaiyum pannalaiye. adhukku you should appreciate him.

Ajay said...

seems i'm the only illiterate guy with respect to Dasavatharam...