Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Hillary Clinton - Ooru rendu patta koothadikku kondaatam

I am no big fan of Democrats. However, I must say I am impressed by Hillary Clinton by the end of this race for nomination. Barak's inspiring speeches clinched Iowa before the junta realized that it was nothing but hollow rants delivered well. Everybody including yours sincerely thought that this was Hillary's election. Barak Obama managed to sneak through the back door and win Iowa, thanks to the initial hype. Today, if they go back to Iowa, she is sure to win there. With Iowa and NH, Barak would have dropped off. Luck favoured him, when the Clinton-lastname was a baggage to her. She won California, Texas, Florida, Michigan not to mention Ohio, Penn, Masachusettes, NH, NJ and NY. It beats me that these fools would nominate anybody else.

And what's with the media sucking up to Obama in public! It took Fox News to play a balancing act. Everything seems wrong.

Amidst all this chaos, the Republicans have fielded their best guy, in John McCain. With an unquestionable bipartisan record and loads of experience both in military and politics, he stands tall in front of an inexperienced Obama.

I urge Clinton to run as an independent, and hope for doing a Joe Lieberman at the national level. This is the Democrat's year. They are likely to spill it.

Who is better suited than Hillary to make the case for a third party. With more popular votes in her kitty and an anti-incumbancy wave (at party level), this is her best chance to run as an independent. Her voter base is strong - seniors, women and blue collar workers. Waiting for four more years (I am sure McCain will beat Obama) is foolish. There is no point in being loyal to a party that pronounced her dead inspite of her strong showing in every other race. She now knows her friends. It is a great asset. With this loyal base, I hope she considers an independent run.

Either way, hats-off to Hillary for running an exciting and energizing campaign. She proved to everyone that she is a fighter. In the stage of men, she competed hard and emerged victorious in many a bouts. My respect for her only increased manifold.


Deepa said...

Good point but running as an independent would be political suicide.

APAM NAPAT said...

what is left for her. At 67 she will be an ugly old woman although I would still consider voting for her. Only thing that prevents is Chelsea's political future. But she would surely carry a few states as independent. Who better than Hillary for a formidable third party. All said she has decided to support Obama. I decided to part ways.