Thursday, February 01, 2007

Strong Resolve

Deepak Chopra, whether he is a realised soul or not, he writes well and I stay motivated for one full week every book I read, every time I read. The positive words of encouragement oozes out of every page. It helps a pessimist like me.

This year is very unique. I have kept resolutions throughout January. I just declared holiday for resolutions today. A well deserved rest to well kept resolutions. May be the key was not sharing the resolution with anyone. Not letting others keep watch on me, not making a joke of them and constantly reminders from within were key, I think. Now I am in control. I can flirt around without fear.

Lets see..,


Ajay said...

valentine's day vara poguthu..athukkaga ippadiya..

Rajesh said...

I meant flirting around with my resolution. Edhavadhu solli kudumbathula kozhapatha undaakadheengappa.

Usha said...

enaku therinju yaarum resolution-oda flirt panna maatanga, so ajay solradhu correct-adhan irukum ninaikaren ;)

Rajesh said...

ungalukku finalaa kalyanam aacha illayaa?

mathavanga kudumba vazhkaila poondhu kozhappatha undakardhu nalladhu illa. Naan sandhoshamaa pulla kutti oda iruken. Adhu porukadhey.

I met Vishy in Houston, although I cdn't spend much time.

Ajay said...

when was this..u cudve lemme know..we cudve met..

Rajesh said...

Last weekend. Vishy told me that u were at Galveston in the morning (with a friend from SFO). I met him at Moody gardens in the evening. It was a one day trip. Brought Balaji's parents with me.

Deepa said...

Who started this resolution business? Just curious.

Rajesh said...

probably those motivational speakers/writers.
or the smokers to quit.
who knows?