Thursday, December 08, 2005

Sheila Teacher - Part 5

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Mrs. Sheila and I walk into the school together. I don't utter a word and we are about to part in two different directions - she heads towards the staff room and I go towards my class. Just then, I turn back and say "Thank you, ma'm" to put an end to the awkward walk of silence. She acknowledges and fades away.

I walk into the classroom thinking, "If anybody had to say 'thank you', it was she. Why did I thank her? For giving her a ride?."

Anyway, I quickly get back to the task ahead - the task of completing the Physics assignment. I now have a good 30 minutes before the school officially begins. I sit down and start writing the assignment straightaway. One by one everyone enters the class. And when Karthik walks in I ask him to give me his notebook so that I can copy the assignment rather than having to look for the answers from the text book. It is far more easy that way - If you know what I mean. By the time the bell rings I make good ground and I am pretty confident of completing all the assignment before the 4th period.

As expected, I complete the assignment during the recess and sit pretty, now eagerly waiting for Mrs. Sheila's arrival so that I can get over with the viva-voce too; especially thinking," she knows me by face and is sure to remember the huge favour that I did for her (the ride in the morning)."

The bell rings for the 4th period to begin and Mrs. Sheila arrives promptly. As usual she starts off with the defaultees. "Stand up, those of you who haven't completed yesterday's assignment.", she orders.

Today, there are only three people standing. And surprisingly there is no one from yesterdays list of defaultees. Wait... No... I take that back. Slowly Arun, my saviour yesterday, gets up smiling at everyone who looks at him. Yes, he has not completed his assignments today also.
"Man, what guts? This guy has no fear. " I think. My admiration for Arun grows manifold, witnessing this bold act of his.

Mrs. Sheila starts off with him, recognizing him very well from yesterday. As I said earlier, she spots her prey and she is a delight to watch when in full flow. But just that, this time it is my good friend. So I consciously deny myself any enjoyment from the sufferings of my saviour best friend, Arun. However the entertainment is too good for my weak resolution. I join the class in laughing for every slap and verbal abuse showered by Mrs. Sheila. This way twenty minutes go by and Mrs. Sheila throws the four defaulters outside the class and settles down to resume from where she left yesterday. She calls out for those who did not complete viva-voce one by one. My turn comes and I duly finish up with her. As anticipated, Mrs. Sheila was nice to me. At the end of the viva, "Come and meet me at the staff room", she whispered. And "next" she moves on.


Aravind said...

Thala Engoyo poringa ponga ;)

Usha said...

Idhellam aniyayam, pavam andha Arun, ungalai poi friend-a vachindare...avar thalai ezhuthu!

Rajesh said...

Idhu kadhai dhaan unmai sambavam alla.

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