Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Aagaya Chunaami (Tsunami)

SUNTV News was reporting the recent rains that created havoc in Chennai. There is this usual voice that reports "Sirappu Cheidhigal". The camera was showing us all parts of the city - Mowliwakkam, Madippakam, Velachery, Vijay Nagar, Saidapet, Virugumbakkam.... The scene was really bad. Each house looked like an island of its own.

Just when I started feeling bad for my fellow Chennaiites and useless; sitting miles away from my hometown, the reporter went on to describe the event as "Aagaya Chunaami". I laughed for the next thirty minutes - non stop . "Aagaya Chunaami" hehehe.

Who said Tamilians are not imaginative? Who said Tamil is not a descriptive language.

I agree that in Tamil, we refer to electronic equipments by its functionality like "thulai pesi" for telephone; "pada pudippu sadanam" for camera.... but can anybody come up with Aagaya Chunaami?


Anusha Parthasarathy said...

I agree with you Rajesh. Tamil is indeed a creative language but I just cant stand Nirmala Periyaswamy (Sun TV News Reader and the voice of VAANGIVITTEERGALA KUNKUMAM...AD)addressing our former PM Mr Atal Vajpayee as
"VAAJPAYEE" (It used to sound as if she was calling him a ghost - payee)


Rajesh said...

Initially Kungumam ad was kinda cool. But as you say, it got a bit too much after a while.

Now there is one more guy in the late night news. Romba bandha udaraan.

Anusha Parthasarathy said...

Hee :) Hee :)
I guess these makkal are just trying to show off :)
Our chennai seems to be smitten by the MTV Style bug.


PS: I have doubts whether MTV has really got to do with style but thats a diff story...:)

Rajesh said...

Yeah. After reading the news they sign some papers. I don't know what it is all about. Thats a CNN/ Fox thing.

Ram said...

I think people must stop watching TV and read more books of their subject of choice and Sun news is the horrible of all .Change evrything and serials sollave venam.I firmly belive people's taste and attitude towards life should change from the root.In that perspective the National Channel is doing a good show vs private money vending machine channels

Sri said...

Machi, you are right, I even cannot stand that suntv news reader who comes to vasichify late night news, avan alumbal thaanga mudiyathu, romba than avan periya andereson cooper nu ninaipu...

Anonymous said...

hey!...americans are not very far away in this 'crappy' news stuff!...they called the hurriance affected ppl "refugees" remember!?

shree said...

of late, 'summa nachunu irukku' ad dhango bayangara popular!