Monday, December 12, 2005

Capital Punishment - A spot of dilemma.

A non-believer of capital punishment and euthanasia that I am, I was closely following the Tookie Williams' clemency appeal. It was turned down. Just when I was feeling bad for the guy who will be dead by the time you read this article, I heard Pat Buchanan on the radio quote:

"When you delay execution in such cases; the identity of the victim is lost and
the accused gets a whole new identity."

It is so true in the case of Tookie. The guy is convicted of committing gruesome murders in 1979 and now after 26 years and a few children's book later, the deliberation is about the values he has added to the society instead of the murder for which he has been convicted.

I feel that Governor Arnold did the right thing by turning down the "clemency appeal" sighting

Without an apology and atonement for these senseless and brutal killings,
there can be no redemption.

This has made me wonder if my position regarding Capital Punishment is correct. However I still strongly feel that euthanasia is immoral. As I debate myself...


Usha said...

I came here out of curiosity Rajesh sir, irundhalum ennoda views ennala sollama iruka mudiyala. You are right when you think capital punishments are wrong, but again, it needs to be based on what kind of person we are dealing with. Ippo oruthan out of emotions pantan-nu vainga, edho pona pogudhu-nu konja naal jail-la vachuttu he can be judged on whether he repents for it or if he is in for more such gruesome murders. Ivanukellam capital punishment koodadhu..aana adhe namma Veerapan irukan (sorry, irundhan, I still cant believe he is dead) parunga, avanai ellam pottu thalliye aganum, what say?

Rajesh said...

Thats what I have also started to believe of late. Namma mattum nallavana irundhu oru pryojanamum illai.

Usha said...

Exactly, ellarum ungalai madhiri nallavana vallavana ellam therinjavana iruka mudiyadhu

Usha said...

BTW, konjam over-a therila, edho site-ku advertise panni $1 per referral edukardhellam...everytime naan oru extra window close panna vendi iruku..grr

Rajesh said...

Getting back at me for my "moderation" comment eh?
But the new window is bravenet. It is not revenue generating. It is for extra tools.
Btw; ever heard of pop-up blockers? :-)

Usha said...

Che che, naan get-back ellam panradhe kidayadhu..I was just saying what I was facing.

Pop-up blockers? appadina enna thala? Some peppermints? Any anti-infection medicine? Edho pudhusa solreenga? Ennamo, enaku therinja ennoda browser-la iruka oru kuttisathan pop-ups mattumdhan block pannudhu, oru pudhu IE window-vaye block panradhilla, you have any idea about that?