Tuesday, December 18, 2007


If you didn't know, I am a big Rajni fan. Infact, I go crazy whenever I watch his movie in the theatres. This has been the case since Mappilai which was the first movie I watched without my parents and on the first day of release. I tried to sport the Rajadhi Raja hairstyle in the 9th grade. My friend and I put the tick mark on school uniform after Pandian; the vibudhi after Annamalai. I watched Mannan nine times in Santhi and three times in Liberty and several times in video. We bought T-Shirts with Rajni face and wore it for a couple of movies. I have watched Thalapati sitting on the floor with blood all around me.Yet my favourite movies are:
Vazhvey Maayam
Michael Madana Kama Rajan
Avvai Shanmugi
Devar Magan
and only then Rajni films.


maheshbalaji said...

hmmm...very clearly put. inda rendu perum pudikkardula enna thappu? ariyaa vayasula enakku Rajni no... only kamal feeling laam irundudu. theatre la 'kutti' Kamal-kaaga Aboorva Sagotharargal la azhudurukken... during interval after 'unna nenachen paatu padichen'!
but Badhsa and then Arunachalam changed it all, then i back tracked and wondered at this guy's screen presence! i remmber liking only Thillu Mullu earlier 'cos Kamal was a bit par tin it! :P i even hated Jhonny when i saw it in some 7th grade. But now a matured movie watcher, i love Jhonny and many others.
incidentally, i was admiring 'aarilirundu arubadu varai' on Raj yesterday! Screen presence again! Raj should be the channel you should watch this month. has loads of Thalaivar movies at 1.30pm IST!
no comparing the two... they are the 'iru thoongal' of tamil cinema as BharathiRaja put it.. in an award show. Both are great actors!

APAM NAPAT said...

I am still not a Kamal fan. But I understand your point.

Ajay said...

'en peru mr. rightu, mr. rightu...'

Aravind said...

everyone would like rajni for mass and kamal for class.

hey u forgot ur sivaji mgr mottai.;)

APAM NAPAT said...

mottai is for not this Sivaji. It is for Lord Siva ji at Vaideeswaran Koil.

Deepa said...

What can I say! Your subconscious mind acknowledges class.

APAM NAPAT said...

Kamal oda Class ellam illa kaaranam. Crazy Mohan dialogue for most of the movies.

Deepa said...

Happy New Year.