Sunday, December 09, 2007

Back a star. The star is back

There have been very few occassions in life when you support someone with full conviction inspite of all odds and that pays off more than you expected. I am not talking about Oprah's support for Obama here. That, we will have to wait to know.
The way Saurav has forced himself back in to the team really gives joy and a rare sense of victory. Imagine! every get-together that I attended during his exile, was a huge battlefield for me; to defend my support for Dada with almost everyone else lining up with GC. I am grateful for this innings albeit against a depleted bowling attack. Considering the situation when he walked in, 61-4, his chanceless innings that possessed immense concentration and sheer determination was a treat to watch. Yuvraj was the spearhead in his partnership with Ganguly, however Ganguly's contribution in Yuvi's comeback innings needs mention. The support and encouragement that Dada provided during partnership proved why he was the most loved captain during his prime.

Now it becomes difficult for Kumble, Vengsarkar and co. to feature the best playing eleven for tests. They can't afford to leave out Dhoni, Laxman, Jaffer, Dravid, Saurav, Sachin or Yuvraj. This means either Sachin or Laxman have to make a sacrifice and move to the top of the order. The pedestrial series for Karthik has dooms written all over his future with Parthiv Patel knocking hard.

I don't see an alternative unless the seniors want to play on rotation. Yuvi is indispensable.

For he has nothing more to prove, Ganguly can retire on a high, resting assured that his legacy is intact in the annuls of Indian Cricket


Aravind said...

yeah saurav can retire on a high note .but i guess he wont.DK avalo dan velaiku agamaatan...

maheshbalaji said...

Dada has very categorically stated he will play full 08, form permitting.
the hurt is too much .. as he says again... the method of his ouster was
lousy. He played like God.

yenakkum Dada poi Yuvi-a sirichunde katti puducha podu nyaabgam vanduchu...
what a captain he was nu! who knows? we might need his captaincy services
again? though remore this might be. but anyways! Dada-vum periya
thala...avlodaan! no one in doubt earlier but no one wil talk now. GC ku
paavam oru backhanded compliment kuduthudalaam, sluggish Dada va ippadi
veri yethi oru calm state ku kondu vandu vittadukku!

maheshbalaji said...

Man of Match/Series! :)

'happy to have stepped up when a few boys were down in team'!

Adu Dada!

APAM NAPAT said...


Ajay said...

Ganguly should retire now. Okay, let him have his last Australian tour. After that, he should step down.

APAM NAPAT said...

I agree.