Friday, February 06, 2009

IPL Season 2

Chennai Super Kings get Andy Flintoff. This, I believe, is a better buy than Kevin Peterson that B'lore Royal Challengers snapped up. With Hayden fully available, Michael Hussey, Dhoni and now Flintoff, CSK can rest assured of a final berth. I can't wait now. To those Pakistani players who opted out, "don't worry, you won't be missed."


maheshbalaji said...

"don't worry, you won't be missed."

well said!

CSK is THE team now with Royals not sure of having Smith, Watson or Tanvir who were instrumental inn last years wins. Hyd also have a few good buys this year. Mumbai Indians can put a good team on ground. interesting IPL2 ahead...

APAM NAPAT said...

whats happening?

Anonymous said...

i keep my fingers crossed...

Ajay said...

IPL is bull..

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