Wednesday, August 15, 2007


With a well-defined boundary and a stable federal government, she was reborn to the sacrifices of a million patriots. Her beauty, her vastness in culture, are all matchless.

Many of us born post-independence do not know the essence of freedom. We tend to debate the unfolding of events and the choices of our leaders during the formative years. Today, I put all that aside to say "Thank You Freedom Fighters".

The abundance of the land which was plundered to poverty and sickness is slowly returning after 60 years. Even history was unfair to reset her counter when it is only evident that civilization was sown in her soil. Nevertheless,today we march forward spreading her glory inch by inch in all directions.

Mother! I salute you. Jai Hind.


Ajay said...

Happy 60th B'day, Ind..

Anonymous said...

thanks to those who gave their everything and even more

I said...

I have never been to understand what exploitation though. Great Britain gave $5billion to India in 1947, accounting for most of the supposed exploitatation. Then, there was the industrial, technological and social changes that was brought in. (Tea did not grow in India before the British brought it in). British rule also gave India democracy, English (with which I talk to anyone outside TN), unification and a national identity (today it is Tendulkar but things were different 300 yrs back). Much of "India" was fragments of kingdoms before.

While there is nothing wrong in feeling proud of anything, acknowledge the invaluable influence British rule had. Mainly in saving India from Moslems.

The "independence" of Australia, New Zealand, India and Canada from Great Britiain is largely ceremonial. (Not a fully drawn out war like the American Revolution)Many years before British withdrawl, local governance, rule of law and democracy was established in these countries. Decolonialization was inevitable after World War II. I am not exactly sure how much effect freedom fighters had.

India, ancient civilization nu pazhaya bajana paadina mudiyuma pa?

APAM NAPAT said...

Freedom fighters are not limited to the 1900's. It is the spirit of independence that brought about the formation of Inidan National Congress in 1805, the sipoy mutiny in 1857, the formation of the local governance as a prelude to self-governance, accention of Indians to high offices, treatment of Indians as equals, then finally gaining independence itself. Maybe we might not have been one country. Then we wouldn't have been restricted to one kingdom based on documentation either. To attribute India's progress to the imperialists is foolish because we were a rich country and well-educated country much before the formation of the East India Company. India's supremacy in Maths, sceince and astronomy and other fields were evident and that attracted many a scholars and philosophers much like the businessmen who turned out to be the King's henchmen.
I agree English has helped us in a big way but who knows the entire world could have ended up speaking Telugu or Marathi or even Tamil if we were left alone.

Anonymous said...

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Deepa said...

Nice post. Timely.