Friday, May 04, 2007

Nash for Nowitzki, Fred Thompson for President.

John McCain - He said " I know how to reach across the aisle and they know how to reach across the aisle to me.". I say, "That cost you the Republican nomination which is a prerequisite to being the President of UNited States"

Rudy Guillianni - Popular, maybe effective but came out very dishonest. He was afterall just a Mayor before he jumped into the big league.

Sam Brownback - Indifferent yet impressive.

Tom Tancredo - Will not get immigrant votes.

Romney - Eloquent. However, you have better odds of winning the race for President of India where people are always on the lookout for secular leaders and the timing is ripe. You are like the Sanjaya of American Idol. They will keep you in the race for ratings.

Others - I heard the job market is good. Post your resume on monster.

Fred Thompson - Please file for nomination.

And what's up with the teams that I support. They go down to underdogs without a fight, irrespective of the sport. Nash for Nowitzki. Warriors smoking Cuban cigars!


Ajay said...

//President of UNited States//

APAM NAPAT said...

u r smart ajay.

I said...

I like Tancredo. He said in an interview that the United States should consider "taking out Islamic cities" in retaliation to terrorism. His tough stand on illegal immigration is heartening. If he gets enough white American votes, anti-American immigrants can goan fuck themselves. Illegal immigration is a serious problem. Multiculturalism dilutes a America's values just like conversion affects India. A Dubai-style system no-citizenship-infinite-workpermit would be good for America, at least for first generation immigrants.

McCain is an idiot. Worse, Democrats and the liberal media like him. John kerry likes him. He should never be president. His stands on campaign finance reform, illegal immigration and the First Amendment is scary.

Guiliani is good. As Mayor he showed remarkable mettle in transforming New York City and during the aftermath of 9/11. Even bet.

Romney is good, too.

Barrack Osama and Hitlary cannot win even if George Bush is running again.

APAM NAPAT said...

wish u were on this side of the border.

I said...


APAM NAPAT said...

r'nt u in toronto?

I said...

y do u wish I were south of the border?

APAM NAPAT said...

seri freea vidu. kalyanam aacha. I thought u were heading to India - ponnu paaka.

I said...

illaya ba. adhellam summa scene. yain, edhahadu ponnu therinja solla poraya?

APAM NAPAT said...

enna paatha jolna pai vechindirukara tharagar maari irukka ?
Summa dhaan kaeten.