Sunday, October 01, 2006

Divided Nations

Team A -------------------------------- Team B
USA ------------------------------------------- Iran
UK ------------------------------------------- France
Australia ------------------------------------- Russia
Pakistan ------------------------------------- Pakistan
Israel ---------------------------------------- Venezuela
Italy ----------------------------------------- China
Spain ----------------------------------------- North Korea
Japan ----------------------------------------- Cuba
Canada ---------------------------------------- Syria

The nations of the world are divided. Each one has taken a side. Be it for religion or skin colour or short-term benefits. While India is clearly undecided, Pakistan is on both sides.


Deepa said...

LOL...cant tell which one is better..India or Pakistan.

Rajesh said...

India, if she prolongs her current policies, will end up with no friend. On the otherhand, Pakistan, specifically Musharraf, will have to defend herself/himself against everyone on either side which includes Pakistan.
In short India is better off compared to Pakistan.

I said...

India is the only country that alligned itself with the Nazis and the Soviets. They can't now seriously cry foul over the U.S-Pakistan affair.