Thursday, July 27, 2006

No content to write, nor content with life

I do not live in the war-torn region of Lebanon/Israel.
Nor I have any connections in Baghdad/Tehran.
I don't have to take the Subway to NY or the trains in Mumbai to get to work.
I do not subscribe to the "Religion of Peace" to feel the stress in the West.
I am lucky to be born; to the north of Palk Straits.
More so to have escaped the Grandfather's rule there.
I was not affected by Katrina or Rita.
I pay no state tax.
Yet I feel life can be better.

Greed or Motivation?
Be it either. It doesn't seem to have an end.

Want more and more.....
I mean buttermilk. Heading to my refridgerator...


vishy said...

sometimes this kinda thing gets in ..coz of the monotony of wht u r doin.. guess u shld take a break.. and ofcoure pay some taxes at other states.. take a week off..

yaaro sonnadhu nyabagam vadhuchi... "Makku ku more sadham..." no offence.. peace!!!

Rajesh said...

more sadham sollaliye. neer more kudichen.

ashok said...

hmmmm....i want *more* too..guess nothing
wrong with wanting more in life...espicially wen its summer !

Rajesh said...

u r right Ashok. it is scrotching 103 here.

Anonymous said...

1. Motivation, yes.
When one has to sleep on the bare floor, one wishes for a mat. When one has a mat, for a bed. A bed, then for a more comfortable bed. Why? Because man is relentlessly in the pursuit of happiness. And happiness is not having money, a great family etc alone. It's the urge to reach the Source(from where you came), that's why the pursuit seems endless. So you're going in the right direction. Kudos!

2. If it's greed, not a very good sign. The vedas say -Reduce your wants and have desirelessness as the prime goal of your life. When you slowly assimilate this teaching into your daily life, maybe you'd have more happiness, cos you'd have fewer wants.

Read- India's walking saint;: The story of Vinoba Bhave.

May you find more peace and love.

-Arlington Anonymous

PS: I find your posts like these mirroring my own thoughts. Glad i could find some assurance.

Rajesh said...

Glad you are still visiting the blog. "Your comment" is exactly what I had in mind while writing. Btw. more in Tamil means Buttermilk, if you did not understand the last line.

maheshbalaji said...

sooper post anna! aasai yaara thaan vittuchu! aasai illana manushane illana! buddar kitta poi oruthan sonaananaa... 'yenakke aasaye irukka koodaathu' apdeenu. adukku avaru sonnaraam - "nee ippadi kekkarde oru aasai thaan. manushana porantha asai illama vaazhkai illa." apdeenu!

so innum more more kuduchuttu...nalla kamuthi paduthu thoongunga! keep enjoying living...and wanting more out of life! :)

semma post na! nejamma! short-a ..nachchunu irunduchu!

Rajesh said...

ennamo po!

Deepa said...

lol...very funny Rajesh.

Ajay said...


I said...

quit while the going is good.

Rajesh said...


Btw, ma ba seems to be ur fan. He is also a PSBB junior.

mojindro said...

hello dear,
wat i thing that there is very small gap between greed n motivation.n for every person..this gap also differs..
its all up to u ..

take care

Anonymous said...

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