Monday, June 26, 2006

Jose + 10

It took me a while to get over dissapointing Dirk's lack of big match gamesmanship , as Wade walked away with all the laurels. Switching to football, where the ball hits the net probably just once or twice in the entire game, was not an obvious alternative. Mexico and Netherlands losing to lesser opponents (yes I do mean Argentina) inspite of better display of talent and strategy brings out the irony, haunting me of the Maverics's loss to the Heat from 2-0 lead.

Now I am left with no choice but to root for Ghana which has been the only other team that I enjoyed watching. They are playing Brazil tomorrow.Who knows?

Watch these Commercials. These give me a respite.
Jose + 10
Continued here

And the funniest one sporting David Beckham as if he is not having enough trouble from the media.


Deepa said...

Whatever Jose's Mom says while calling him sounds like Sanskrit to me ("Come")

Rajesh said...


Did u see Beckham's clip. Thats funnier.

Anonymous said...

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