Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Hu meets Bush - Ignarance is Bliss.

Bush: The Chinaman is coming in. I have to go and receive him. (Leaves White House in a hurry).

Condi and crew are waiting at the airport where Bush joins them to receive the Chinese Premier. As usual GWB doesn't know his name.

The flight arrives and the Chinese contigent is getting off.

George Bush: Every one looks alike. Who is the Premier.
Condi: Hu.
GB: I am asking you.
Condi: Hu
GB: Chinaman
Condi: Hu
GB: Ok there's no time for all this now. (As Hu arrives closer to shake hands with Bush)

GB: (Extending is hand he greets) George.
Chinese guy: Hu
GB: George Bush
Chinese guy: Hu
GB: George W. Bush, the president of America.
Hu: Hu , the president of China.
GB: No the America. Pretty perplexed at the lack of English knowledge in the part of his Chinese counterpart. I know these guys don't speak English. But I didn't think that they will find it difficult to get the common (proper) names.


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idhellam draft panni vachirundhu recent-a publish paneengala? Rendu naal munnadi illa?

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Hu visited only on that day. Appo dhaan ezhudhinen.

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Nice...i found on more bush the web